W&L Undercover - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

It's getting close to Christmas and the end of my t-shirt quilts for the year! This one is for a friend and fellow sorority sister, although it's for her husband, so instead of toga parties, we have Shipwrecked.


It's fun to see the annual party shirts again - you'd look a little silly if you wore them decades after graduation, but it's totally cool to use them in a quilt.


And look - I actually left my backyard to get photos! My husband was a good sport, especially since I chose a location with a new-to-us Pokemon. Wait, what?


The borders are a navy pattern of some sort from Joann's. She left me with the vague instructions of "navy masculine," and the Dude chose this over chevron because he said chevrons make him dizzy. Okay, then.

The back is plain navy flannel - it's hard to find older-male-prints. Luckily I'm pretty confident in my quilting {ha!} so the back pattern becomes the boxy-meander-quilting design. Which will never not be my favorite!


She sent an extra shirt of her own in case we needed to fill space {and I did use the small logo from this shirt in the quilt}, so I made her a quick bonus pillow. She's both my class agent, so she bugs me for the class gift every year, and works for the Annual Fund, so she bugs me for the university donation every year. ;)


And look! I actually own a needed prop! I'm guessing the Generation Lex author was a Sigma Nu, as well. Ah, nostalgia - it was fun to flip through the book again.


And it's finished off with a punny name. What could be better?