Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 13

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Steelers Quilt: now has two out of three borders. I'm not sure what to do next - I know I don't want to end with all those HST seams. I could do another plain black, or some sort of B&W. (The Steelers banner has B&W dots, for example.)
I have just barely enough of the Steelers fabric for a skinny border (like, 2" tops) in either the white or the gold. But the quilt is only 57x47" and I was hoping to make it bigger. So... Not really sure what to do there. Thoughts?
Manassas Railroad: six blocks completed, most of the rest cut and in various stages of put together.
iSpy Sliced Coin Quilt: row one is pieced. If I meet my goal of piecing one row as a leader/ender each day, I should put it together on Saturday.
Untouched This Week:
Charming Wildflowers

Awaiting Quilting:

In Planning:
Cars Quilt (the Dude)
Hunter's Star (my sister)

New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 10
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