Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 20

This week, the major WIP has been the air conditioner. :(
This was Sunday; it was fixed Monday; it briefly went down to 76 on Tuesday; died again Tuesday night. Today, it's already 86 inside and 92 outside, at 9 am, and it's supposed to reach 110. I'm praying the repairman gets here on the early side of "mid-morning."
Needless to say, the sewing machine and the iron are not on until this is fixed. My sister was here last weekend, so I didn't get much sewing done beyond basting a dress for her.
Luckily the Dude was cleared by his tonsil doctor to go to day camp, so he's safely in the air conditioned kids' museum while I sweat.
I screwed up cutting enough border fabric for the Christmas Kaleidoscope, so it's going to be borderless. I started piecing the back together using leftover yardage from my stash.
I finished one more Frolicking Pinwheels as a leader/ender.
Untouched This Week:
Awaiting Quilting:

In Planning:
Cars Quilt (the Dude)
Hunter's Star (my sister)
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In Progress: 11
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