Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 32

Well, it happened sooner than I thought. I ran out of the colors I wanted for 16" Swoon blocks. I have just enough for a yellow/brown block...and I already have one of those!
So I scavenged through my scraps to finish the last two 16-inchers and threw them on the wall.

 I think the blue is too blue. I love the strip to the left of the blue, but that's all I can find...not enough for a Swoon block. There's plenty of the strip to the right, so it's a good contender.
I actually really like the plaid-ish pink-ish one on the left of the yellow/orange block, but it's very pink compared to the other reds...

The good news is I have plenty for a bunch of little 8" blocks. And I'm going to cut and pair them before any sewing, so I don't get down to two browns or something else useless!
Halloween Hexagons is now quilted but unbound.

Hunter's Star, round two - 56/90 light blue half-blocks

Fat Quarter Stars
Argyle Quilt Along - strips are sewn and starting to be cut. Because I'm making it smaller, I found it was easier to sew/cut two strips in a set. Plus, they fit so well in my new favorite shoe box.
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