Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 35

Fall-gyle is done...and not done.
 I rushed to have it done and on display at a craft show this weekend, and some of the seams don't match. Not many, but enough that it's driving me nuts. I don't want to display something that's not perfect. I'm okay with being anal.
So I'm going to keep quilting the Steelers Quilt. I can get that done and bound easily before Saturday, and I have a couple others to display and some unquilted tops.

I also have all my craft-y stuff all over the living room - crayon rolls, burp rags, fleece scarves... OSU better not lose on Saturday!
Hunter's Star, round two - 72/90 light blue half-blocks
Fat Quarter Stars - two blocks behind
Argyle Quilt Along - top done until I start seam picking
LQS Saturday Sampler - won't be going this month, so pushed to the back burner
Quiltville Orca Bay - starts 11/18.
Christmas Sewing:
Rudolph panel quilt - the Dude
Untouched This Week:
Awaiting Quilting:
New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 18
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