Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 7

This week, I devoted most of my time to the Hunter's Star, so I'd know how much more yardage to order. (The answer: a lot.) 
 I have 31 blocks completely done and another 30 near completion, but I need 100 (or so) for the top. Long ways to go.
On the plus side, I'm really enjoying my Frolic leaders/enders since I ran out of black for the Steelers quilt. Each 5-strip set makes a 19.5" pinwheel (actually, two, but I'm only using one per quilt.) So nine pinwheels will make a nice 57" square. I just need to pick up three more strips from somewhere - Lollipop, probably. 
Untouched This Week:
LQS Saturday Sampler

Awaiting Quilting: Bad Romance

In Planning:

Rudolph Quilt (the Dude)
Hunter's Star (my sister)


Second Snow White commissioned.
Knitting bag and pattern holder for my sister. Fabric should arrive this week. (Didn't I say that last week?)

This Week's Stats:

New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 11
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