Workout Wednesday - the Plan

  So, as I mentioned, I'm working on a plan for a sub-two hour half marathon. It's slower than slow - my GOAL race will be in December, with three goal races in between.

And here it is, in all it's scary glory!

Kate's Sub-Two Half Marathon Plan

It's basically the Hal Higdon intermediate plan, with some modifications. I swapped some of the days around to things that work better for my schedule, added cross training twice a week, and a third day of strength training.

I also worked in a taper long run - the Higdon plan goes right from 12 miles to the race weekend, and I know I do better with a taper. That being said, I told one of my local running pals that she could replace any of my 10-11 mile long runs with a half marathon. {Um, hi. I'm a Half Fanatic.} I just have to remember to do it at the long run pace, not race pace!

I'm probably going to calm down on the Thursday hills after Charlotte - as someone who always lives around Air Force bases {ie, flat land}, I'm a little terrified of North Carolina's hills. Plus I want to be able to run up Bloomsday's two killer hills - Cemetery at 5% for 1/3 mile, and Doomsday topping out at 6.5% for three-quarters of a mile.

For strength, I've been using Bikini Body Mommy on YouTube, because it's free, and she only uses weights. I can't always get to the gym and I don't want to get a whole bunch of exercise equipment for home. I'm doing the first 90 day challenge, with some modifications when it's too easy. {Alternating lunges? Ha! Try alternating lunges with bicep curls. Wait, now I can't feel my arms.}

I am skipping her cardio days. I figure 16+ miles each of biking and running count for that. ;)

And finally, I'm counting calories over on My Fitness Pal as katiemaequilts. I'm pretty good at sticking to my calorie limits...not as much with the sugar limits. I will give up quite a lot to have room for a cookie!