A Year in Review

26 quilts this year. Not bad. Five more than last year, 11 more than 2012. It helps that a lot of them were started/discarded in previous years! 12 of them were my A Year of Lovely Finishes goals - that's right, I hit my goal every.single.month.

Alexander's / Tammy's Running

Denise's Running / Lori's Running

A Princess Picnic / Tennessee Waltz / Second Star to the Right

Christmas Cardinals / Catching Fire{flies} / Summer Drinks

Spin Cycle / Gigi's Memories / Cinderella

Christmas Charming Stars / Christmas Tree Skirt / Central Park Sudoku

Vera Bradley / Pretty in Pink / Chunky Log Cabin

Four Patch FrenzySkorca! Cat Tails

Flirt Marks the Spot / Road to Oklahoma

Owl Always Love You / Goodnight Monkey

There's also been some table runners, pillowcases, wall hangings, and other little things. And a new website - big thing! And a new kid - big thing! And seven half marathons! Man, I did a lot this year. No wonder I'm tired all the time.

I've got plenty planned for the new year - Instagram swaps, scrappy stash busting, t-shirt quilts, UFOs, pattern testing for Jennie, a couple half marathons with the goal of a sub-2 hour...sleeping. Occasionally.