Turn Right to Go Left - a Finished Quilt!

My youngest nephew had a simple request for his new big boy bed - a Cars quilt. And lucky for him, I happened to have a huge stack of leftover Cars fabric from the Cars quilt I was going to make my oldest, and then finally made for my youngest


My sister requested something like Lori's Fortieth Birthday quilt, with roads instead of plain grey strips. After determining that no manufacturer made simple road fabric, I briefly considered piecing it myself before turning to Spoonflower. 


Spoonflower did not let me down! The "road" was 3.5" unfinished, so I chopped everything into multiples of three and pieced it together wherever it all fit.


I made a creepy Mater section.

Also, an interesting tidbit - Sally does not appear on any of this fabric. No female Car does. And she was certainly more of a main character in the first movie than Ramone was. (Cruz is on the fabric for Cars 3, but I am not buying more Cars fabric! I still have enough after this one to make a third one!)


And the inspiration for the quilt name - obviously it's a quote/huge plot point from the first movie (that I never understood, but I'm a barely competent driver.) However, having grown up in New Jersey and learning to drive there, "turn right to go left" means one thing - a jughandle. So of course I had to put one of those in the quilt!

cars quilt4.jpg

This is the first time I didn't have to think hard about props! With two boys hitting the exactly right age when Cars 1 and Cars 3 came out, we have alllllllll the cars. Red the Firetruck is a favorite.


The backing is Minky dots (of course, any child related to me is picking a minky back); the binding is Timeless Treasures Checkered Flag, and the Cars fabric has been picked up here and there for years. 

The quilting is Caliente - a free pantograph from Urban Elementz. Definitely an excellent fire! I don't love my freehand flames, so this is a better option. I used a variegated red/orange/yellow from Superior Threads (Omni 9405) that was in my welcome pack from Gammill/Linda's Electric Quilters


And the road is the perfect size for driving around on! Hopefully my nephew will not have too many car crashes on it.


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Because Science - a Finished Quilt

Once the t-shirt quilts were done, I had time to catch up on a few quilts for family and friends - first up, a quilt for my elder child. 

This one started when he saw a quilt on a friend's blog last fall, and immediately asked for a copy. He wanted it in rainbow order, and added science fabric to the math fabric she used. 

It has two special fabrics in it - the first is this red. We did an Oklahoma shop hop back in 2011, and both of us grabbed this bolt at the same time. So I used it to remind him that he once liked to fabric shop with me.

The second is the blue Mercury fabric by Alison Glass, ordered after he found out he got a full scholarship to Space Camp in Alabama. His favorite space stuff is the early Mercury and Gemini programs, so I thought it was appropriate.

I tried to get him to take a picture of the quilt actually AT Space Camp, but apparently he was too busy having fun. 

The math fabric is Back to School Algebra and the science fabric is Science Fair Formulas. And it was a pain in the butt to keep it all going the correct way. Thank goodness for design walls!

Who's going to miss this fence? {No one!}

The rest of the fabric came from my stash - I used 9" squares to make 8" finished HSTs, so it was easy to cut from quarter/half yards. My first pull was actually all polka dot fabric, so I started replacing each color one at a time...until I had no polka dots. Whoops. Sorry, polka dots!

I know the orange is Cotton + Steel Netorious, but I can't find the notebook I wrote the rest of the colors in. The joys of moving! I'll update when I finally unpack the box with that notebook.

The backing is extra-wide minky, because my child refuses any other backing. The binding is a crosshatch, which was originally picked to be the blue in the quilt.

He now uses it to make a "minky sandwich" with his Minecraft quilt in bed. It's a little disturbing.

Pixelated Heart - a Finished Quilt!

This is a finish that only came about because I had nothing else to take with me to the longarm place, and I had a t-shirt quilt that had to get done. Since that never takes the entirety of my two hour rental, I needed something that I could toss on afterward - and there was the good old Pixelated Heart quilt, pieced together ages ago. {So long ago that I can't find it on the blog.} I even bought backing and binding recently, so there was no reason to leave this hanging. {Literally, in my closet.}

And then I found myself without a finish scheduled for this Friday - and that's just a travesty! So I made a little time last weekend to finally bind it and declare it finished. And there you have it. A pixelated heart made from a charm pack and a few added scraps. All Sandy Gervais Valentine's lines. I want to say the main one was Candy Kisses, but that doesn't appear to have brown? Just assume it's from one of her lines before about 2012, when I {mostly} stopped buying charm packs.

We have a friend looking at houses for us in Oklahoma, and I'm so tempted to add "suitable place to take quilt pictures" to the list of things we need. Because that's normal, especially when it's someone else doing the looking, right?

The quilting in the heart is my absolute favorite - freehand, organic orange peel. I didn't mark it, I just swoosh from corner to corner. Sometimes lines double cross. Sometimes the swoosh is rather flat, sometimes it's rather fat! I don't care - I really enjoy doing it this way. And I'm rather proud that I did it in a continuous line, considering the heart isn't just a straight set of blocks.

I did a simple loop across the cream squares, to differentiate them from the heart.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The binding is Sandy Gervais Flirtations, which is so old that it doesn't even show up on the Moda website. Same with the backing - Hearts Aflutter. Luckily someone was selling just enough of both at the local quilt guild's yard sale, so...serendipity!

{And yes, I know. I do fill out the labels eventually! At least it's ON!}

BOMs Away - Greenery {Again}

  Since I had my green bin out earlier this month, I found myself cutting out a few extra strips and squares. And then a few more. And then I dove into my pinks, since Flamingo is the Kona color of the year, and I knew pink and green played together well after my Abstract Watermelon. Green and pink happen to be the scrap bins that I can't get the lid on, so...

...before I knew it, I had a top! Well, maybe. I made a top. It's 35" square, and I could easily toss borders on it now and declare it a perfectly fine baby quilt.

But...it doesn't feel done. And my pink and green scrap bins are still overflowing. And there's plenty of pieces in those bins that haven't made it into this quilt. {Each fabric is only used twice, as an inside square or an outer box.}

So, for the purposes of the Greenery Challenge, this is a top. Woohoo! For the purposes of me, it might grow a few blocks.

{Or I'll put it in a box, forget about it, find it in five years, and then come to the decision that I should have given up at baby quilt size. You know. Whichever.}

And that's what I did with my "extra" Block of the Month Monday in May.  How about you? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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Flying Four - a Finished Quilt!

That's right - finally! A finished quilt! And get ready, because I actually quilted four tops on Wednesday, so the finishes are about to start rolling in. I'll try to pace myself.


This one is for the Dude's teacher, so it had to be first finished, because the last day of school is today! The last day of fifth grade - excuse while I go to the corner and cry a bit. I HAVE A MIDDLE SCHOOLER.


Since December, I volunteered in the classroom once a week, so I got to know his teacher and classmates fairly well. And when he announced that he and his wife were expecting a baby, well, the end-of-year gift choice became obvious.

I was wrapping up pattern testing for Jennie when I found out, and it was a fairly easy decision to chop Flying Four into individual blocks and make a couple baby quilts instead. Actually, I originally did six blocks, but the proportions were off, so I cut it down to four.


The quilting is one of my favorites - sometimes it's just a scrolly double-C sort of thing {technical term} and sometimes it's a hidden heart. Baby quilts get loads of hidden hearts.


The backing is a Maywood Woolies, which is definitely the nicest flannel I've ever worked with. I want to follow-up with his teacher on how it looks after a year of use. That's not weird, right? The binding is an old Anna Griffin collection - I remember buying it in Oklahoma, which is at least three years ago. {When you date things by state, you're a military spouse.}

The fabric started as a fat quarter bundle of Bella by Amanda Murphy, and then I pulled from my own scraps and fat quarters to add in more Easter colors. And by my own, I mean, that purple Pearl Bracelets is from my neighbor Jess. Y'all need a quilty neighbor to share with.


The blue Pearl Bracelets were leftover from my nephew's quilt. The Dude picked the blocks he wanted and did the layout, and using the four that included his cousin's fabric was a deliberate decision.


And the full back - this is where the kids and I got sneaky. With the help of their gym teacher, the class signed and decorated the back. A fun reminder of the class that was "there" through a good portion of the pregnancy.


48" square

{And still nameless. I'm letting the class decide today.}

Pattern available here.