WiP - Sneezes

I have been hit with allergies - both mine and the boys - so this week has mostly involved wiping noses and complaining about sinuses. I also, as usual, have too many projects going and end up unfocused due to the fabric piles everywhere. Yesterday I did a big clean up of the sewing room, and my calendar, and planned out weekly goals and finishes, in an effort to get back on track. Hopefully it will help in this coming week...

I did finish the inside of my Make It Do top. Now a couple round of borders, and it's done!

Which brings me to my next thought. I did MID from scraps, and it took forever to find the right sized pieces. I don't precut scraps - I like to have options - but I also realize I have some common sized scraps and those could be sorted.

So I did. Since Kate at Life In Pieces is bringing back the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'll work on these for 15 minutes every day. Then maybe I'll be in good shape for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge instead of spending half my Sunday digging through the bin!

But as you can see, my brown box is the most anemic one, so I had trouble coming up with something for the Churn Dashes. The one of the top left is two fabrics {same line...Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais...which I will never stop loving...} and the bottom one is actually one of my sister's. I just don't use brown. So some time this month, I have to go digging around and see what I can come up with for the fourth one.

IMG_1891Something I've been working on in September! I guest-posted today at the Finish Along about how I got the mojo back to finish this project...mostly by eliminating half the blocks. But I love how it finished up, and I never use patchwork borders, so that's fun and different.

Oh, and I trimmed up the edges of Gigi's quilt and started binding prep.

And last but definitely not least, I fixed the bottom right block and declared Cinderella done! For good, this time.

The color palette of the week is "October" - and to me, October is race season. The crisp fall air is the best time for running! And you know there's something seriously wrong with you when you read about races over the weekend and wish you were there...even though you raced last weekend, and Spokane's half is less than a week away!

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Cinderella Quilt - Finished!

This is a total cheat, to call this a new finish, but whatever. It never got a finish post in 2011 because it wasn't quite finished. And now it is, so finished post, here we come!

This was from a yard of Cinderella fabric that my sister bought. I added some various blocks along the way, of unknown origins.

I'm pretty sure my sister just wanted me to throw a backing on it and quilt it, but I can never leave well enough alone. My mother and I did some extreme math - I think there was 1/16ths involved.

And then the backing. Clearly not simple. I adore it, even though I obviously ran out of fabric and didn't manage to match it. I used HSTs, Tri-Recs, prairie point flags - all things that stretched my skills back then.

The unfinished block - originally set on white, which was too bright; then on purple, which made the pink lettering disappear; and finally removed, reset, and hand embroidered. My lettering could use some work, but it's definitely my handwriting!

It was quilted with straight lines way back in 2011....which turned out fine because I could take out the offending block easier. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have used the white - purple would have been better. Because this quilt is obviously lacking in purple.

And really should have used the purple here instead of white...not that I had enough.

So now it is packed into the suitcase full of baby clothes I'm taking East to my sister. And five years after she gave me the fabric, I can finally call it done.



September - the Shuffling Month

And of course, I'm talking about my shuffling gait after a killer half marathon.

That's what the race director described as a "long hill." What he really meant was 2.5 mile uphill climb. And the guys at the mile eight aid station have a weird definition of "mostly flat from here." Luckily the views were amazing, because my butt is killing me.

In sewing, I did a lot of shuffling through various projects without really finishing much of anything.

Barely eked out a finish this morning as I stitched in the rest of the words on the Cinderella quilt and put the block back in. {My AYOLF goal.} That's right, one simple block repair took me all month. But it is done and it'll get a full finish post on Friday.

I also made my four churn dashes and one Ripples and Reflections step.

Finished the lovely Spin Cycle top.

And a small wall hanging for my mother's neighbor.

Made a whole bunch of daisy blocks.

Started the blocks for my IG-mini.

And quilted several quilts. Finally removed the cat from the bins so I could start binding, and prepping for the next round of quilting. I've got a lot to get through in October because I have a commission for November. But more about that tomorrow on the goal post!

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WiP - Visitors and Races

Not much done this week, because my sister is in town, mostly to babysit the kids while I went to Priest Lake, Idaho, for a half marathon. And she wanted me to spend time with her, and the weekend was a little busy with the running and subsequent napping. Not to mention the cabin we stayed at had no WiFi and no cell phone service, so I couldn't finish up the giveaway. So here you go - a winner - Christine, a fellow Korean adopt-a-mom!

In sewing, I squared up and started binding Wee Wander. I'm attempting the Red Pepper method, and it's...okay. I'm missing the back side a lot more than I'd like, but I always do 3/8ths on the front, so I suppose if I did 1/4ths like I'm supposed to, it would work better. I'm trying to decide which would take longer - removing all the binding and starting over, or restitching the missed spots.

I fixed the Cinderella shoe, reapplied it, and started stitching. And I'm a little panicky because the end of September is really close and I've never missed a AYOLF goal yet! I guess I'll be stitching all day. Yes, I know my lettering is uneven. That's part of its charm, mmkay?

And that's it for sewing! I'll get back into it tomorrow when my sister heads home. And once Cinderella is stitched...

But before I go, my color palette for the week! Brown, and Jennie covered about all the brown food I'm dreaming about. {Hey! I'm still in half recovery!}

So I went with the resort we stayed at this weekend, and the gorgeous colors of a lakeside cabin. I could live here forever. {If there were WiFi.}

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WiP - Slow Stitching

I'm back from our adventures on the East Coast! My mom's sewing machine was under a pile of construction, but I did get some hand stitching done at their place.

Mom taught me to blanket stitch so I could fix my sister's Cinderella quilt. So far, I stitched the shoe in place and started ripping out the words. See the words in the light pink? No? Yeah, that's why they're out.

At my MIL's, I visited her neighbor who imports threads from Germany. My thought - uh, Gutermann? Nope, turns out it's hand-dyed, artist palettes, all kinds of weights and decorative things that I don't understand. But I understand sparkly and now I have a small sample to play with. As soon as I learn a running stitch.

I also did a lot of binding stitching and got my mother's table runners finished. I'm working my way around the daisy ones next, and then I still have a nice stack waiting to have binding stitched to the front. Sigh.

Once I got home, I pulled together the rows for Luscious Picnic. And a bonus doll quilt from the scraps. And the backing, and the binding, and it's all ready to go when my babysitter comes back.

Then I made five of the flannel stars for Grandma's quilt. I'm going to try to knock out five a day, because that's all I can stand of trimming flying geese.

And California Girl became my leader/ender project, and goodness gracious, she is perfect. LOVE!

Full disclosure moment. What I have to deal with every time I want to take a picture.

And then I realized I hadn't done any BOM stuff. I don't know where I am on churn dashes because it's green...again. Apparently May was emerald green and August is bright green, and all of my May ones were bright, so...maybe dark green? Maybe something totally different?

Anyway, instead of making a decision, I whipped out Part Five for Ripples and Reflections. I had to skip steps because I miscut Fabric Nine. It's been replaced but not yet recut. This step was fairly simple, but as there's sixteen of them, fairly boring.

And finally, my blue palette, borrowed again from Lori Barbely Photography. She goes to Maui and takes these gorgeous pictures, and all I get is a couple yards of fabric. Not fair. And look at those Kona names! Oasis, Breakers - yes!

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