You Can Call Me Queen B - a Finished Quilt

Finally! And I do mean - FINALLY. My younger sister is a huge Cinderella fan. I made her a Cinderella quilt a few years ago (the castle is still my favorite part.) And when I ordered some Japanese fabric for a swap in 2011, I added a half yard of a purple Cinderella print, too. At a whooping $20 a yard - the most I had ever paid for fabric back then. (Now, well, hahahahahaha…)

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Some point soon after, I added a pink Cinderella print. And then I waited…and waited. Finally, she met her future husband. Finally, she got pregnant. Finally, that kid was a boy. (The nerve!) By now, I had already picked out the quilt I was going to make - Raspberry Dessert from Skip the Borders by Julie Herman (Jaybird Quilts.) Grouchily, I picked out some green and blue fabrics and made him a quarter log cabin that was loosely based on the quilt I wanted to make.

And so I waited some more…and more…and FINALLY.

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

YES! I whipped out that fabric, pulled together some coordinates, and got to work!


Okay, not quite that fast - but nearly. I fiddled with the pattern a bit first - I wanted the central squares to be bigger to showcase the Cinderella fabric, so I scaled them up and the “logs” down. I had the perfect deep pink in my stash, but I had to go find the plum. The white Fairy Frost is the leftover fabric from my sister’s own Cinderella quilt.

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

I really thought about doing the whole quilt in pastels, but I ran it by Lori and she said no way, the deeper colors will work better. And unsurprisingly, she was completely right. (You’d think she has the eye of a photographer or something.)

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The binding was in my stash and was just…perfect. Look how it matches EVERY DAMN COLOR in this quilt! I don’t know how Tula Pink knew I was going to need this, but clearly she did.

And continuing the trend of perfection, I let my sister loose on the minky category and she picked out the backing - Shannon Cuddle Floral Fields. Yup, every color matches perfectly. AGAIN. And it’s minky, so it would have been perfection anyway.

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The quilting is something I’ve looked forward to since the first time I made one of these! I didn’t have the skills back then (first Raspberry Dessert, second Raspberry Dessert) to do anything pretty, so this was my chance. Annnnnnd I think I should have done ribbon candy in the white - I had a lot of trouble turning the corners and changing directions with the wishbones. The inner squares got a swoopity-swoop that matches the pattern in the deep pink fabric.

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The quilt name comes from her name (and the Lorde song, of course.) My sister doesn’t share names before birth, so I wrote it on the label hoping that it would be a B name. Her family initials were C-A-R, and I offered many suggestions throughout her pregnancy of names that would spell CARP or CARS or CART or…CARB. Lori and I also started calling her Lori Kate (CARL) because really, it’s a great name. (Shut up. It so is.)

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

And so, it is finally finished. My last family baby quilt. Sniff, sniff.

Oh, wait, you probably want to see the baby?

Cinderella Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

You Can Call Me Queen B - 42x56”

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Rainbow Sherbet - Finished!

I'm on a roll! Deadlines, you force me to complete things.

This is Rainbow Sherbet, one of my favorite quilt designs EVER. In fact, this is my second one.

It's a Jaybird quilt, originally in a magazine and now in her book. Yes, I bought the book for this pattern. {But the other ones are pretty good too.}

When my mother-in-law came to visit last September, she brought a huge stack of batiks with her. In exchange for an impressive amount of yard work, I agreed to make her a wall hanging. She browsed my books and patterns and was drawn to this one, because she has awesome taste.

I showed her the scrap variations on the pattern, and she decided on a ROYGBIV one, but with grey instead of black. {A grey Moda Marbles, to be exact.}

The quilt came together in the week that she was here, toiling in my dirt. I think there were times she doubted how it was all going to come together, but this is is definitely a Monet.

Clueless? Literally?

Tai: Do you think she's pretty?
Cher: No, she's a full-on Monet.
Tai: What's a Monet?
Cher: It's like the painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess.

The batting/backing were a conundrum. It's a wall hanging....a 76" full size quilt wall hanging. I wanted to go light. But still stiff enough to hold its shape on the wall. I ended up using fusible fleece with no backing. I think it was the right decision - the fusible part will help keep it from sagging, but it's much lighter than a typical quilt. Backing probably wouldn't have added that much more weight, but...

Quilting, well... Quilting is always a conundrum. I wish I could free motion quilt, but I can't. Not for lack of practice - I just don't think in doodles and feathers and "free" things. I can't even draw stippling on paper.

{Sidenote: as a kid, I colored designs on graph paper and played with my math teacher mom's tessellation blocks. Never doodled.}

I considered a couple different straight line designs, but in the end, I stitched in the ditch. Yes, it's a copout, but this thing is going to be in a second story entry way. No one is going to see the lack of quilting.

It probably should have been quilted down the middle of the colors as well - the fleece got loose after washing - but, I was going for lazy lightweight.

In the end? I love it. I will always love this pattern, even if it paralyzes me at the quilting point. {Those negative spaces deserve awesome quilting! In fact, if you're my family reading this, a great birthday present would be forcing me to make this top and have it custom quilted.}

I'm really excited that it'll be greeting everyone who walks into my MIL's house - I can't wait to see it up there! OMG, I just realized my MIL did this on purpose to get me to come visit the quilt her.


Weekly Update - Fusing Things

Lots done, but very little sewing this week.

First, a winner of my giveaway, which I didn't get to this weekend because we were at a wedding and I didn't want to interrupt family time. {Okay, really, the hotel internet was terrible.} says the winner is....


Rachel, who looks like she uses panels.

She said: "Selling a house is such a pain. Empty as much as possible out so it looks bigger. No toys or pets helps, too. Good luck! The panel is cute. I know a couple of expectant moms...."

Lots of good advice from you all! I wonder if burying the Saint will work for a non-Catholic. ;)

I'm in the final crunch of cleaning, and working my way through a pile of t-shirt quilts, but first I need to take care of Victor, who died made a remarkable recovery while the Dude was at school today.


A peek at Rainbow Sherbet. Full post will be up in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

In Progress
Fusing and cutting blocks for the Raiders T-shirt Quilt.

The next stack...already measured and laid out on paper. Once the design is approved, I'll start cutting.

And in the RSC corner, I separated my blues into the suggested light/bright/dark. Except I don't really have a lot of what I'd consider bright. Which is okay - since they're wee little blocks, I don't want 30 blues compared to 10 of the other colors, so I think light/dark is enough.

As usual, the design wall isn't changing. Maybe someday when I don't have to run to three different stores to find a betta with the right coloring.

Weekly Progress - Moving Along

Finally, things are slowing down on the house, so I have some spare time to make some quilt deadlines! We are doing the last clean sweep this week, making sure all the paint is touched up, and possibly listing it by the weekend if our realtor thinks we're ready! Whew. That was a loooooooooong six weeks.

Almost finished!
Fractured Four Patch - just tying off the quilting threads from the middle sections. Why, oh why, did I do double lines?


Rainbow Sherbet - we're going to a wedding this weekend, so I'll get to hand this off to my MIL in person! {Woohoo, no shipping costs!}


Raiders T-Shirt Quilt - yup, another one. This one won't fit my "standard" design, which is a little more fun but a little more work.

Design Wall
Haha, of course it hasn't changed. Depending on how I do on the deadline stuff, I'm going to try to fit in a Boardwalk/Cat Tails morning sometime this week.


I cut all my green RSC blocks! Wait, that was April's color? And it's May now? And May is blue? And my blue scrap bin is...oh, whew, she knew that. Sorting it into three piles - I can do that!

Craft Book Month - Rainbow Sherbet Top

I know - insane - three posts from me in 24 hours! I swear, I'm done for the week after this one.

So Craft Buds hosted a Craft Book Project blog hop this month, ending with a personal project link-up.

I don't actually own a lot of craft books - that's my entire collection, right there.
 But this one made me squeal with delight when I found out about it. {Look! It's signed! Okay, so she signed all the pre-orders.}

I knew exactly which one I wanted to make first, too. I made my first version of Raspberry Dessert back in April. Since I couldn't get my hands on the magazine it was originally published in, I drafted it myself and didn't attempt the on-point setting.
My mother-in-law hired me to make a wall hanging for her entryway, and she very quickly settled on Raspberry Dessert. {This is why I married her son. She has great taste!}

{I tried to get a less sun-dappled shot this morning, but the weather is not cooperating.}

It goes together so much faster when you have the pattern!

I borrowed the rainbow idea from Sew Many Quilts, part of the Scrap Squad from the original magazine pattern. After some debate, my mother-in-law chose a grey marble to go with it - I think it blends better than the black. Plus, it's the grey clouds between the rainbow!

The only complaint I have - and it's not a complaint about this book, just craft books in general - is that I wish it came with templates to copy and color. The original plan was to eliminate the grey and kind of blend the colors across the quilt, but as I colored, I discovered this wouldn't work. Would have been nice if I didn't have to draw the pattern before busting out the crayons.

And now this is on the to-be-quilted pile, but hopefully will not stay there long. I want to see it up on the wall!