End of Month Report - December

Another month with a pile of finishes. It's interesting how much access to a longarm has changed things around here. I think I just seriously dislike getting on my knees to baste.


{Wow. I have a huge variety of camera angle shots.}

Christmas Stars / table runners and pillow covers / Frolicking Pinwheels

I haven't cut any of these apart yet, or started binding/pillow-envelope-ing, but I will. Soon.


Finished a pillow cover with my Swoon HST leftovers.

Finished off a top for a baby shower gift for the end of the month. It'll be quilted once the kiddo goes back to school. And I already have the backing and binding prepped!


I'm counting this as my NewFO - Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I'm not using scraps - I pulled my favorite blue from my stash and bought some excellent complimentary fabrics.

Oh yes, she's Bountiful in her gifts: Sassy, Lovely, a bit Grunge-y, somewhat of a Coquette...

And I picked the border fabric already and it will all fit together perfectly. But the name on that will have to wait until the mystery reveal!

Okay, so...some big news. Our Emigration Permit for the Little Man was approved, AND our paperwork was submitted to court!! After quite a long wait, we are finally in the end game - we have a 3-4 week wait for a court date to be assigned, which will be about 5-8 weeks out from there. But not necessarily, so we are tidying things up in a hurry here.

{I need to start his foster mom's quilt! And his!!}
The Dude is doing well - still obsessed with Doctor Who and Minecraft. We got matching shirts for Christmas...which we wore for the Christmas show. He rocks the multiplication tables.

{CC thinks Nerf darts are the best Christmas present ever!}

We had a good Christmas, enjoyed the in-laws, got most of the presents we wanted. CC is still a pain in the butt...just bigger now. If she grows into her tail, Tycho's going to be in trouble.

I pounded the pavement hard this month, logging 70 running miles - plus bike cross training and body torture conditioning classes. I'm doing this training plan, and I'm pretty confident in hitting my goal pace. 

And I registered for Half Fanatics! I qualified back in March, but Lori and I wanted consecutive numbers. So as soon as she finally qualified, we registered as #5871 and #5872. Yeah, we're dorks.

And that's about it for December. 


End of Month Report - November

Not quite as many finishes in November, compared to October, but there's starting to be more things piled on the "to bind" list. I usually bind right away, so this is the first time that list really exists!


Loopy, started and nearly finished last week, is my NewFO.

Squadron T-Shirt Quilt - the center is pieced and the borders will go on tomorrow. Scheduled for quilting on Wednesday, and will hopefully be bound and in the mail by the end of the week! Take that, Christmas.

And my leftover Swoon HSTs are slowly becoming Sweet and Sassy.

CC is constantly and continually a pain in the butt.

The Dude had a glowing report at parent/teacher conferences, and thinks multiplication is the easiest thing in the world. We both let our inner nerd fly at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in theaters. {Okay, it's not an inner nerd.}

We got word that our paperwork was delayed in Korea, so now it looks like travel will be even later into 2014 - mid-February at best. Instead of pounding my head into a wall, I signed up for a half marathon and I'm pounding my feet on the pavement.

And if I could count all the words in this post, I would probably be done with my Nanowrimo.


Weekly Progress - Kitty Overload

Chugging through the to-do list around here. With so much help from the feline members of the household.

{Catch the needle. Great game, CC.}
Rainbow Boats is stitched down and ready to be quilted.

{The only cat-free picture...but I had to shoo Tycho away to take it.}

Gobble Gobble wall hanging is also ready to be quilted.

Almost didn't get my Kate Spain charm swap fabric ironed...

The only other sewing has been debating the layout of my Swoon leftover HSTs. I have the other half of the Gobble Gobble panel, but not really enough HSTs to do anything there.

This is for a pillow cover, btw. So, my top layouts:
A} Morning Joe - I have the necessary background to fill in the corners
B} Morning Joe - non-scrappy
C} Chevrons - awkward 6x8 layout, but I can toss some background in between and get elongated neutral chevrons

D} Broken Dishes - awkward 6x8 layout that can't really be saved by background fabric
E} Or itty bitty central block Dishes with a lot of border space...slightly more centered
F} Sweet and Sassy - awkward 7x8 layout, but I have enough scraps to add the last row

{Oh, is it a jerk move to sleep on your fabric? It's also a jerk move to bring home a kitten without asking me.}

And that's about it here. I'm trying to focus on my goals, so I've been hacking away at t-shirts and cutting up paper templates, both of which aren't all that photo-worthy.

Swoon - Finished!

I started it way, way back in September 2011.

Along the way, I made friends with Heather and Debbie, both WiP Wednesday linkers who were Swooning. They both finished a million years ago.

Later, I joined the Swoon-along. Most of those people finished...a million years ago.

So, after a million years...give or take a few...

My Swoon.

{The husband did not understand "spread your arms wider!" Or "don't step on my quilt or you can sleep under it on the guest bed!"}

The fabric is Sandy Gervais' fall line from 2011, Grand Finale, with a bit of fall leaves from Fall-gyle, some scraps of SG's Lollipop, and unknown orange-y fall print {sorry, I don't save selvages from a million years ago.} The background is Dimples. The border is also Grand Finale, and the binding is SG's Awesome.

The layout includes three 24" blocks, four 16" blocks, and eleven 8" blocks. 

Regular readers know I've been slightly giddy about renting long arm time, but sticking with safe pantos. Not for my Swoon. 

No, I was going to freehand my Swoon. Loops and the occasional butts leaves.

Lesson learned: I looped the sashing first {across the left bottom corner} and I shouldn't have - it restricted my movement too much and doesn't blend nicely.

And I had to do something SPECIAL on the big blocks - loops and swooshes and more swooshing and more loops. {Is it just me, or is it dang near impossible to get a good shot of quilting?}

It is not perfect quilting, but it's a pretty giant leap forward for me.

And then there's the back...

See, I hate a pieced back. I do them sometimes, but my preference is also a nice, clean, solid stretch of fabric. I don't mind other people's pieced backs...just not on mine.

But for some reason, this idea got stuck in my head. Probably after reading the list of Sandy Gervais' past lines and realizing that with the names known, it was do-able.

That's ten years of SG fall lines, from 2003-2012.


Not only was I able to find a bit of everything, but most places didn't even seem to realize these were OOP and were selling them as clearance!

So, there you {finally} have it. She measures about 82x82" and is going on the queen guest bed. {Um, after everyone puts away their laundry.}


Weekly Progress - The Wedding

This is a few days late because I am still hungover was traveling, doing laundry, and all the other stuff that comes with a weekend away at an awesome wedding.

The wedding {including my quilt squares} went off without a hitch, but pictures are delayed due to some computer issues. And the stuff taken with my phone is not worthy of posting. And since I'm having a zillion errors as I try to write this, let's just save the wedding for later, mmkay?


 {How Charming - Quilt in a Day}

Okay, Yoda was finished last week, but Yoda on a hanger isn't near as adorable as Yoda on a little boy who isn't taking it off.

Like it he does.

In Progress

Two panels of the Creeper costume. Still a little unsure on how this will work, but I'm plowing ahead anyway.

{Swoon - Thimbleblossoms}

Is that a quilted Swoon? Why yes, yes it is. Stay tuned!