Quarter Three Goals

  We're halfway through the year! And coming up on my busiest quarter of the year...not for sewing, but for everything else.

Moving my website. Moving to Oklahoma. Buying a longarm! <---really, only one of those things excite me...

First up, I'm moving my website to Squarespace. After the Canadian drug debacle in February, I knew I was done with Wordpress and GoDaddy. Then last week, Photobucket eliminated third party hosting without a paid plan. {$400 a year. With no notice. So don't go looking too far back, I'm uploading pictures and fixing things as fast as I can.}

Squarespace does it all, in one place, and probably won't deny they're my host if I get cyberattacked. {Thanks, GoDaddy. That really helped.} My accounts expire in a couple weeks, so I'm starting the design process, and hopefully it will be a smooth transition. As you can see, it's going well so far. {I should just get my twelve year old to do it.}

The blog isn't the only thing I'm updating this summer. I'm using the time off to revamp my t-shirt quilt business and my organization style. Hopefully then I can go into my new sewing room with a solid plan on how to make things work. And also find room for a longarm. And also find a house with a sewing room. And also find a house.

Like this - probably switching it for a corkboard with index cards. Wipe off boards...smear. It did work well to see/check off all the projects I had going {look at all those t-shirt quilts checked off!} but CC was constantly removing things from my list with her giant fluffy tail.

Anyway, the count for so far this year is ten t-shirt quilts, nine regular quilts, and twelve minis or pillows. Which, well, considering I usually finish about 25 quilts a year, I'm doing pretty well. If we just ignore the fact that moving this month will put a cramp in my productivity.

In fact, I don't really have much on my Finish Along quarter three goal list. I know this looks like a lot, but I started writing down any finished tops while I packed them last week. Most of them don't have backings, so I noted measurements, and if we happen to stop at a quilt shop on the drive from Washington to Oklahoma, I'll focus my browsing on that. See? Organization!

I also have a lot of already-quilted table runners, so I'm pulling those out to put binding on the front. Then I'll have a nice stack of stitching for the 24+ hours in the car. And some finishes to carry me through the dry spell of unpacking!

So that should get me through the end of September, and by then I should be set up in an entirely new place. Hopefully all organized! And creatively inspired! Or just so tired of unpacking that I hide in the sewing room. Whatever works.

WiP - June

  Whew! I had quite the month - quilting almost every week in the first half, to get everything done before school got out. I would literally unpin the zippers from one quilt and toss it in the corner to pin on the next one. Can't wait to have my own longarm and not be limited to school hours! Wait, that means I've moved to Oklahoma...nevermind. Anyway, so there's finishes galore, to the point that I've run out of Fridays to post them. And even more waiting for binding. Woohoo!

Pixelated Heart / It All Started With the Bling / Laura's T-Time / Travel the Fifty

The finishes - mostly t-shirt quilts. And there's two more to blog about still! And then one more to finish and then I'm done for the summer, at least.

I quilted three other things - one isn't even trimmed yet. One is my farewell to the PacNW bear paw for my best friend here. She won't take it until we leave, so it's not bound yet because I don't want to admit we're leaving.

And then I finally bound my sister's wedding quilt...her fourth anniversary is coming up. Sigh. {To be fair, I didn't have the blocks until last year!} It still needs to be stitched to the back. Like, this week.

I did a fairly miserable job on my weekly BOMs Away {I didn't even touch Eternal Bloom!} But I did manage to piece two tops in between all the t-shirt quilts. The Christmas one {no, really, that's a Christmas top} needs a second border, which will be a block tutorial in July. My OMG goal for June was to get it to this point, so...yay!

The second top was finished in record time, and will be quilted in July with my last t-shirt quilt. Because my baby is going to Space Camp and of course he needed a new quilt for it! It's a blatant copy of Life in Pieces' Geometry...don't worry, used with permission!

My OMG goal for July is finishing this top and getting it into the hands of my Quilts of Valor coordinator. Again, because I promised I would before I leave.

And, um, packing. Cleaning. Finding a house in Oklahoma. Panicking. You know, the usual.

WiP - April

  Whew! How did we get to the end of another month already? This one flew by - we were either prepping for my husband to deploy, or trying to get into a good schedule after he deployed. I think we've finally settled into something that might work through the end of the school year...if I ignore all the stuff that starts ramping up in May. National Honors Society, district-wide concerts, end of the year preschool parties... Sigh. Nope, I can handle this. And some sewing in between!

Plenty of finishes for April - Toy Story, gifted to a friend; Flower, a mini; Coquette Cracker, already claimed by my niece; a Bloomsday t-shirt quilt; and a donation quilt made from flannel scraps.

I worked on my blocks of the month - Floating Stars, Eternal Bloom, Celtic Solstice, Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

And in between all that, I pieced some bear paw blocks for my friend's quilt. I only need 16, so I'm nearly done.

And I finished quilting, then trimmed down four quilts for my church. {Don't get too excited about this development - I quilted 2.5 of them a while ago. They just finally made it back to the longarm.}

And the big projects - I cut and pieced two more t-shirt quilts. One is a monster 67 shirts, measuring 110" square! They're both ready for quilting, minus pesky little details like backings.

I really need to plot out May, because I know there's a few things I need to get to besides the t-shirt quilts - like the wedding quilt {my OMG goal.} I don't want to reach the end of the month and realize I haven't got enough school days left! I've got a countdown till the end of July - our probable move date - and it's already under 100 days. Ahhhh! Okay, breathe. And schedule. And breathe.

Goals for 2017

  So, every year around this time, I say that I want to "bust my stash" and "finish more UFOs" and all that other New Year's resolution stuff. {Buy less fabric - bwahahaha!} And every year, I usually end up with more stash, more projects, more disorganization, more...everything.

{Surprisingly, never more cats. Although there is a new hamster this year!}


Finally, in 2016, I got to the point where I really just had to get organized. I did some "KonMari" clutter removal, got in the habit of writing lists in a bullet journal, and basically Pinterest-ed myself into routines and organization.

Even, a bit, in the sewing room. My WiPs used to be everywhere. And I'm not showing off the other shelves packed with fabric piles. But now, with the pizza boxes {from a local restaurant supply store - and I haven't filled all fifty!} at least I can see....that I have way too many UFOs and I really need to come up with a plan to bust them.


So - the plan...is to have a plan. I read In Color Order's crafty goal blog post, thanks to A Quilter's Table's awesome newsletter, and realized I need actual goals - instead of "bust some UFOs" - I need to finish at least one full size UFO a month this year. {In addition to the t-shirt quilts, of course.}

Each month, I need to identify which one I plan to do...and do it. I left plenty on my "Other" list for the Finish-Along this quarter, so I have options if I just don't feel like tackling the dog sled borders just yet.

And as a reward, when I finish three projects, I can start a new one from stash. I have several piles of "fabric that goes together and needs a pattern," plus, well, a lot of stash. And honestly, a lot of what I bought in the last few years are blenders - it's getting pretty rare for me to even want to buy an entire fabric line.

I'm also planning on "putting myself out there" more this year - I'm co-hosting BOMs Away!, I'm doing a Christmas in July blog hop, and I have four tutorials to write up. And scheduled so they'll get done! And I'm entering one of my Quilts of Valor into a contest, selling off some of my baby quilts, and I signed up for some affiliate programs.

And I'm even almost done with my business taxes for 2016!

So yeah. I'm planning on getting a lot done.

Um, at least in the first half. Then we'll move this summer and screw everything up. Can't wait!

2016 in Review

  It's always fun to look back at what I thought were my plans for the year, and see how well I did at them. This year, eh, not so well. I finished 22 quilts, which is actually a little low for me. There might be more finished tops than average, but I don't bother counting those, so I don't really know where I'm at on UFOs and stash busting. Other than not-so-very-good.

Honestly, a lot of it has to do with how my business went {very well!} which meant most of my longarm rental time went to t-shirt quilts. This year, I did fourteen of them!


Three gridded {one of those with a centered block} - Sky's the Limit / Shelly's Spokane / Live, Laugh, and Learn


And 11{!!} in puzzle style. I guess there's definitely a front runner for favorite customer design!

LollygaggerYvonne's Running / Run Disney - I Did It! / W&L Undercover / Run Spokane / Thnks fr th MmrsNon Incautus Futuri / Barefoot Really Rocks!PIU / Eva's Races / Squadron Shirts

And don't get me wrong - obviously I like making the t-shirt quilts! I just need to find a better balance between work and fun sewing.


And also things like training for a half Ironman, while an amazing experience, kinda sucked up a lot of my spare time.

Anyway, so the fun stuff!


By column:

Quilts for Pulse, blocks by my guild and assembled by me - stash scrap quilt! Donated to Pulse victims and first responders

Daisy Chain - long time UFO!

Woven Snowmen - even longer UFO!

Lordy Lordy Lori's Forty - stash quilt!

Berrylicious Dinos - finished within three months of starting!

Make It Do - stash scrap quilt!

Flying Four - stash scrap quilt!

Mickey Quickie - stash scrap quilt, finished within two months of starting! Donated to the local NICU


And I finished eight little projects, all entirely from stash, some of which were long time UFOs - Cat mini / Crosscut / Ripples pillows / Unicorn pillow / Abstract Watermelon / HST Xmas pillow / Xmas table runner / Nephew's first birthday banner {which was then reused in the Mickey Quickie above}


And I finished three Quilts of Valor tops. {In our local chapter, they're then quilted by someone else, and bound by another someone else.} Floating Star / Pinched / Roanoke Colony

So...that's 2016 in finishes. Next up? Finally planning 2017. {I've had a lingering cold since Dec. 26. I'm behind, I know!}

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