WiP - HSTs

Oh, man, do I ever hate HSTs, and somehow, I ended up with a lot of them this week. There's dog ears scattered all around my cutting table. But also some cute stuff, so I guess it's worth it?

Like these, my weekly churn dashes that I should really be calling month churn dashes now. This month is light blue, and I already have plenty of blue, so I dove into my "floral-too-large-to-fit-one-color" box. Made an extra for last month {it's brownish!} I'll probably do December and the four remaining blocks to finish off my layout from this box...there's lots of choices!

{I hope my #makeadalekmakeafriend swap pattern isn't allergic to cats...}

And these - ooh, I like these. I made them with Debbie's Big Batch HST method, and in no time flat, I had 54 HSTs to trim up. Sigh. I'm trimming between chores, so it's not as painful. Scoop the cat box - trim five HSTs - change the diaper - trim five HSTs - mumble about potty training the entire house - trim five HSTs.

I cut the rest of Taffy and started chain piecing even more HSTs. Sigh.

And I finished Summer Drinks, which was luckily just binding and not all those HSTs.

I also quilted a couple tops and worked on another pattern for Jennie, but you'll just have to pretend there's pictures of that. I'll get around to it. After my nap. Man, I hate time changes. Can't we all just agree to stick with Standard this year?

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October - the Pattern Month

I think the biggest thing about October was the pattern testing! Oh, wait, I ran two half marathons. I suppose that was big, too. Last one for the fall season is Vegas, and I'm so looking forward to the drinking running.

But yeah, this month, I tested and brutally edited Jennie's patterns. Make It Do is already out, and the next three will be released every Friday in November, with a big finish right before Thanksgiving!

Taffy will have to count as my NewFO, because I'm way too lazy to go downstairs it's way too dreary to take a picture of Something New.

So that's what I've been piecing for the last couple of weeks, in addition to...

Ripples and Reflections Part 6 {and I still can't lay it out and get any idea on the quilt! Soon!}

And three out of four churn dashes. I don't have enough brown scraps, and I don't feel inclined to go buy a color I don't like or use anyway. I'll be digging into my "floral too large to count as any one color" bin to finish these off, I think.

And I finished the top for my Instagram mini-swap. Now I need a quilting plan. Like, soon!

I finished Gigi's Memory Quilt. Which reminds me, I need to stitch the label on before my MIL takes it east!

And I finished my Spin Cycle. It's perfect. I know. You're jealous.

And lastly, Summer Drinks!

So a pretty successful month - some new starts, the utter joy of wielding a red pen, and a nice set of finishes. November should be pretty similar, with pattern releases, a bunch of quilts that just need some binding, and another mini-swap quilt to work on. Oh, and a commission t-shirt quilt coming in!

My goal for November could be a lot of things {ahem, mini-swap deadlines} but I'll narrow it down to my nephew's baby quilt. Shower is before Thanksgiving, quilting is done, and the binding is already prepped!

And now I feel kind of bad that this post has no pictures of CC, so I'll leave you with my kids, at least. The Dude was Steve from Minecraft, which required nothing but a big head. {I learned from last year.} And the Little Man was Tigger, fourth generation - my mother made the costume for the Dude, and it has now been worn by all the grandkids around age 2-3.


WiP - Stores Closing and Opening

I went to the local quilt show this weekend - so much inspiration! But never, ever taking the Little Man out in public again. He says "cow" for car, and calls anything motorized a car...including EVCs with nice old ladies on them. Mortifying. At the show, I found out that a great online store is going brick & mortar! But then the major downfall - the Buggy Barn closed. I had no idea when I was there for the show this year, it would be the last. Buggy Barn was my first ever local quilt store when we lived on base the first time we were here, so I'm saddened by the news.

Anyway, I also sewed and quilted this week.

For starters, I finished off this quilt top, a pattern tested for Jennie. I'm giving away the pattern right here! And it is excellent-y edited, so go buy it. Or win it. Whichever.

Then, I polished off my Instagram mini-swap mini. I adore it, but I deliberately used fabrics that suited my partner, so I'm not tempted to keep it. I will be making another similar one, because the Dude asked for a quilt in a similar layout. Because heaven knows, my kids don't have enough quilts.

And then it was Ripples and Reflections. Oy. Another thirty-five minutes of cutting {there's only five shapes!} and one hour, fifty minutes of piecing. Nothing hard, nothing unsewed - just lots of points to line up and dog ears to trim and parts to keep track of. 168 total pieces in the four different sets.

And then finally, the gorgeousness that is Spin Cycle! She got quilted on Saturday, along with my Summer Drinks that was appropriated for my sorority little sister's new baby. I can't wait to get the binding on her!

Theme of the week is Broadway, and much like Disney, I didn't hesitate to claim my favorite. Although Carousel's poster doesn't exactly translate well into a color palette. I think Billy would be peeved if he knew his neckerchief was purple. But whatever - best.Broadway.musical.ever. Except for Wicked. And the Lion King. And Rent. And Les Mis. And Cats. And...okay, Broadway is awesome. I'm just going to go sing now.

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September - the Shuffling Month

And of course, I'm talking about my shuffling gait after a killer half marathon.

That's what the race director described as a "long hill." What he really meant was 2.5 mile uphill climb. And the guys at the mile eight aid station have a weird definition of "mostly flat from here." Luckily the views were amazing, because my butt is killing me.

In sewing, I did a lot of shuffling through various projects without really finishing much of anything.

Barely eked out a finish this morning as I stitched in the rest of the words on the Cinderella quilt and put the block back in. {My AYOLF goal.} That's right, one simple block repair took me all month. But it is done and it'll get a full finish post on Friday.

I also made my four churn dashes and one Ripples and Reflections step.

Finished the lovely Spin Cycle top.

And a small wall hanging for my mother's neighbor.

Made a whole bunch of daisy blocks.

Started the blocks for my IG-mini.

And quilted several quilts. Finally removed the cat from the bins so I could start binding, and prepping for the next round of quilting. I've got a lot to get through in October because I have a commission for November. But more about that tomorrow on the goal post!

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WiP - Focus (or Not)

I had trouble focusing on anything this week. I blame my husband - first his deployment was extended, then it wasn't, then the return date changed, then...you get the picture. I had trouble deciding what I should work on - something that can be quilted if he comes home? But then if he doesn't...? So it looks like I bounced all over the place in the sewing room this week...because I did.

 photo IMG_1755_zpsb4b2f7e0.jpg

I made a wall hanging for my mother's neighbor. She gifted me with a lot of her fabric and projects, which I don't really understand because she's a much better quilter than me! This was from a kit, Angel Song by Northcott.

 photo IMG_1756_zpsd59db1e6.jpg

I chopped up a bunch of fabric I bought while on vacation, only to discover that (4.5+2.5+2.5)*2=19, and 19"≠half yard. No huge deal - I just need to find another daisy print to get the last few 2.5" strips. Preferable something lighter because I forgot to think about what three dark prints look like together. {See: middle right.} Oops.

 photo IMG_1753_zps25b6d30e.jpg

I did secret sewing! Yes! Finally! I have a secret, nanananabooboo! Okay, it's just a tutorial, but whatever. I did some secret shopping, too. I'm doing three {eep!} Instagram mini-swaps - one regular, one Doctor Who, one Disney. I've got a solid plan for the regular, and vague plans for the DW and Disney.

 photo IMG_1752_zpsd451d604.jpg

I made my churn dashes. These are hardly scraps - I bought them last year to beef up my oranges for the rainbow chevron quilt. But they're pretty and the quarter yards are slowly shrinking into true scraps. {CC is still mad at me for taking her to the vet for a booster shot.}

 photo IMG_1754_zps222d09ec.jpg

And since I've been all over the place, I've added a bunch of leader/enders California Girl Hourglasses.

I also worked on a lot of house stuff - all the things I swear I'm going to do while he's deployed but never get around to. Like folding laundry.

 photo IMG_1744_zps55eacfe0.jpg

And happy Chuseok! It's the Korean harvest festival, or Korean Thanksgiving. The Dude is suddenly realizing the benefit of an international brother: "Wait, so we get two Thanksgivings? And two New Year's? What else?" I explained Children's Day and blew his mind.

And I didn't forget about the giveaway! I promise to have it together as soon as my package arrives. {What, other people plan these sort of things before making the big blog switch? Nonsense!} It looks like Bloglovin' made the switch easily. I still can't figure out Feedly. It's my preferred reader, but man, it is not user friendly sometimes. So if you're a Feedly user, sorry. I think you have to refollow.

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