Rose of My Heart - a Finished Quilt

  Okay, let's just start by acknowledging that my sister has been married for nearly four years. And this is my wedding gift to her. And you know what? It's not entirely my fault! I didn't get all the blocks until, um, last fall? So it's late. Very late.

Like, "she has a toddler" late. {But isn't he freaking adorable? My kids won't ham it up for the camera like that!}

So anyway. The wedding quilt. Obviously her colors were grey and purple.

Way back before the wedding, I used painters tape to stick the squares to card stock, leaving myself a wide seam allowance that no one could write in.

{Photo courtesy of Jessie Mary Photography}

Most people signed it nicely...and some kids drew jets in formation. {Wait, that was one of mine.}

Some fun sketches, lots of phones out to find the best "love" quote. {Yeah, First Corinthians is in there more than once.} And then, well...the squares were supposed to be out before the cocktail hour. And the open bar. But they weren't, so there were a few squares edited {like my cousins' Mike and Sue's purple block on the top right} and a few squares removed.

Sadly, one of those might have been mine, when my less-than-sober-cousins and I decided to give them some future baby name suggestions. Though to be fair, who wouldn't have a few {extra} cocktails after trying to supervise the Army guys' squares?

The monogram is my favorite part. It's my bridesmaid dress! I figured if I had to pay $150 for a dress I'll only wear once, I can do whatever I damn well feel like with it afterwards! And by that, I mean, I respectfully cut a portion of the lining, then hemmed it neatly before donating it.

The backing is a fantastic flannel from Maywood, the binding is On Plumberry Lane. And everything on the front is Kona. Violet, orchid, thistle, crocus, pansy, petunia, morning glory, and wisteria - a lovely garden! And silver, shale, pewter, graphite, fog, ash, coal, iron, shadow, slate, smoke, and steel...a lot of metal?

Oh, and the quilting is light purple loops and hearts.

The name is from their first dance, a Johnny Cash song. I've managed to refrain from making a rose/rows of my heart pun this entire blog post. You're welcome.

It was really an honor to put this together for my sister and brother-in-law. {And nephew.} But I'm not adding wedding quilts to my repertoire...unless there's no alcohol involved. Those Army guys scarred me for life with what they wanted to draw.


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WiP - January

  January was pretty much a vast wasteland of upper respiratory infections here. I suffered through a two week cold, had a whole week of healthiness, then the young petri dish brought home a fresh version and we all went down again with the by one...

I spent the last weekend disinfecting every inch of the house and spraying disinfectant in the face of anyone who coughed. {Okay, not that dramatic...but I did tell both kids not to touch anyone at school.} So my sewing was limited to a few blocks and adding the binding to stuff that was already close to done.


Like Flying Four - it was quilted back in June, so finishing it was pretty easy.


And my FMQ Sampler - just needed binding for over a year. It's a good thing I keep these things around, huh?


The other major thing I managed to do was finish the Army Medallion and quilt it. Which taxed all my energy for two days, so I haven't tackled tying off all the loose threads...or even unpinning it from the longarm zippers. Which is my OMG goal for February, because this was a Christmas present.


Oh! I did manage to put this together during my brief healthy period. Everything was cut out, so it just took 90 minutes to lay it out and stitch it together. Now I just need to get a backing and add it to the quilting queue!


I also pulled out my sister's wedding signature quilt and started peeling the squares off the card stock. Shouldn't be too hard to finish this one off, either.


Oh! And I finished my OMG goal! Added the last border, and even made the binding before putting it on the to-be-quilted pile. It needs a backing, too. It'll be shopping time soon. When I feel like I can face the public without disinfectant wipes.


Other than that, it was a few blocks when I felt like sitting down at the machine. Purple nine patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge....


...the mini for a pink Instagram swap...

...and my first Eternal Bloom.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better now, and getting some more things done. Please, please, let this current round of health last!

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End of Month Report - October

Last month, I learned the basic of long-arm quilting. This month, I put that skill to use...a lot!


I also finished off two Halloween costumes, Yoda...

and a Minecraft creeper...

{More on this one soon.}

I got 90% of the wedding guests to sign my sister's quilt squares appropriately.

Pieced and appliqued this rainbow boat quilt. Will be quilting it next week. {It's my NewFO!}

In life news, not much happened beyond my sister's wedding. We are still waiting for EP approval from Korea. The Dude was home sick for two days, and sweetly shared it with me. I've been running sporadically and hesitating on signing up for the Seattle half marathon.

Oh, and there's this.

Her name is Cookies and Cream, aka CC. She is a pain in the butt sweet little kitten. When she's tired. Which isn't often. The Dude is in love. {Tycho is not.}


Weekly Progress - Bits and Pieces

I had a lot of little progress on a variety of projects this week - trying to balance projects that need to get done in the near future. But since I'm crossing things off the list rapidly, I think it's working okay. For now. Until I realize I can't find the top of my cutting table again.


Worked on:
Pieced all the rows. Now to put them together...eventually...when I have time...

Pieced all the blocks for the twin boy versions, started assembling.

The second set of blocks - I used the same charm packs but changed the outside of the on-point blocks. They both have quilting scheduled for Wednesday, so I need to get a move on the assembly!

Creeper Costume - started piecing the strip sets

All the blocks prepped for my sister's wedding quilt! Which she doesn't want called the boring "wedding quilt #1." Any suggestions?

Rainbow Boats - pieced the boats/background. The top will be filled with an applique sun and rainbow, but I needed the bottom done for scale. I've got my fusible web ready for sketching in between piecing the twin quilts.

The girl How Charming quilt is quilted, but not yet bound.

And finally, finished the baby blue scrap blocks, and cut/pieced scraps from Henry's quilt immediately. This month is grey/black, which is my sashing, so I will probably going to ignore the assigned color and catch up on the months I'm behind.

What's not on the list? St. Paul's Cross. Ugh. I know, I already failed at four blocks a week. I'm trying to get a few deadline things done before my sister's wedding, so it got pushed to the back burner. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon and not wait another two years!


Weekly Progress - Selfish Sewing Week

This past week was "Selfish Sewing Week" hosted by Imagine Gnats and Made with Moxie. I didn't really have time for true selfishness, but I used it as an excuse to put aside St. Paul's Cross for a week and just sew on whatever other project I felt like.

And after plodding through eight-blocks-a-week, it feels good to post all this.

Applique finished, borders on, backing purchased, quilting time scheduled.

{How Charming - Quilt in a Day}

More like Quilt in an Hour. Easy peasy pattern. I made it in girl prints first to test my math skills - I have three charm packs and three quilts to make, so I'm not quite following any of the given sizes of the pattern. And a good thing I tested - I miscounted the needed charms, so the twin boy versions will be smaller, but with added borders.

The twin boy versions are an order from my mother-in-law. The girl version will go to Project Linus, squeaking in just under the wire for 100 Quilts for Kids. It'll be first up in the quilting time scheduled for later this week.

Speaking of quilting time - so the Fifteen Minute Challenge this month was learn something new. {I know I've mentioned it once or twice.} Paper piecing and applique weren't quite new, but required a bit of relearning since I don't do them often.

This was my brand new skill for the month. Long arming! There's a place in town that rents time on their machines, and my husband is a big fan of "try before you buy a $10k machine."

{Just kidding. There's no way he's buying me one.}

I loved it. I mean, it's terrifying. Those machines are huge and they can whip across a quilt fast. But as someone who was tried and tried and tried at free-motion on my home machine, it was wonderful. I'm not at all anywhere near perfect, but my first attempts with a panto were huge strides beyond my attempts at home.

{Mine are the middle flowers. The perfect ones on the left and right are my instructor's.}

My freehand is still a little shaky - and I hate chalk; it disappears in seconds with all that vibration. I'll definitely be marking my quilts at home with a marker in advance once I get the confidence to go free hand.

And in unfinished projects, another pile of my sister's wedding quilt blocks, taped to cardstock and ready to go.

Another couple of blocks added to rows.

All that piecing led to lots of leaders/enders becoming blocks.

And in my most selfish sewing, I started piecing the back of Swoon. And it's a top-super-secret until the Blogger's Quilt Festival, so this is all you get.

Whew. Nice week, huh? I decided I'm going to try to piece four St. Paul blocks each week, freeing up time for other things so it doesn't get paper-piecing-tedious as fast. It'll take five weeks to finish, but I'm still on track for a Christmas finish. {Since I've missed her birthday and dissertation submission.}