WiP - Loss

  It was a sad two weeks here - last Monday, Tycho collapsed and died. He'd been failing since the beginning of August, so there was a small sense of relief that he was no longer suffering, but sadness at the end of the Wedge and Tycho era.

I was able to sit with him until he passed away, wrapped in his favorite quilt.

So the sewing room was slightly neglected during this time. I did manage to finish off a couple things, some with deadlines, but some that are missing their deadlines. {Sorry, Mom!}

I took a class with Pam Clarke almost a week and a half ago now, learning a whole bunch of FMQ techniques. Some I like {clamshells! orange peels!} Some I hate {pebbles!} I can't wait to get this piece bound and wash out all the marker so I can see how I really did.

I used some of the techniques immediately on my sister's Christmas tree skirt. I'll get better pics once I bury the threads and cut away the excess batting. And then mail it - haha, I don't have to bind this one!

I finished off a mini quilt for the Lori Holt swap. And I really should have gone darker on the jar lids.

I finished the last two blocks and attached the last Olaf borders. I already have the backing, so this will get longarmed soonish.

I've been working though this one as a leader/ender. {Hence why there's a missing block set in the middle there.} I pulled all the finished rows to the right so I knew what needed to be worked on - I've just been grabbing random sets.

And that's about it. Which, given the circumstances...

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WiP - Slow Stitching

I'm back from our adventures on the East Coast! My mom's sewing machine was under a pile of construction, but I did get some hand stitching done at their place.

Mom taught me to blanket stitch so I could fix my sister's Cinderella quilt. So far, I stitched the shoe in place and started ripping out the words. See the words in the light pink? No? Yeah, that's why they're out.

At my MIL's, I visited her neighbor who imports threads from Germany. My thought - uh, Gutermann? Nope, turns out it's hand-dyed, artist palettes, all kinds of weights and decorative things that I don't understand. But I understand sparkly and now I have a small sample to play with. As soon as I learn a running stitch.

I also did a lot of binding stitching and got my mother's table runners finished. I'm working my way around the daisy ones next, and then I still have a nice stack waiting to have binding stitched to the front. Sigh.

Once I got home, I pulled together the rows for Luscious Picnic. And a bonus doll quilt from the scraps. And the backing, and the binding, and it's all ready to go when my babysitter comes back.

Then I made five of the flannel stars for Grandma's quilt. I'm going to try to knock out five a day, because that's all I can stand of trimming flying geese.

And California Girl became my leader/ender project, and goodness gracious, she is perfect. LOVE!

Full disclosure moment. What I have to deal with every time I want to take a picture.

And then I realized I hadn't done any BOM stuff. I don't know where I am on churn dashes because it's green...again. Apparently May was emerald green and August is bright green, and all of my May ones were bright, so...maybe dark green? Maybe something totally different?

Anyway, instead of making a decision, I whipped out Part Five for Ripples and Reflections. I had to skip steps because I miscut Fabric Nine. It's been replaced but not yet recut. This step was fairly simple, but as there's sixteen of them, fairly boring.

And finally, my blue palette, borrowed again from Lori Barbely Photography. She goes to Maui and takes these gorgeous pictures, and all I get is a couple yards of fabric. Not fair. And look at those Kona names! Oasis, Breakers - yes!

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Cat Tails - Finished!

This one didn't linger too longer on the UFO pile. It was slowed down by the move, and a delay in getting more background fabric, but it got done just over a year after I started it. That's really not that bad, for me!

Cat Tails was born from this pattern, although I knew from the start that I didn't want any incomplete cats. That means, of course, I planned it out and knew how many fewer cats to make when I started the quilt.

Haha, yeah, right. I just merrily made cats until I was done with my fat quarters, and only when it was finally laid out did I realize that it was going to be HUGE.

But, you know, my family expanded this week with the finalization of my younger son's adoption, so we need a bigger couch blanket to snuggle all of us. See, I did have a plan!

I used Civil War reproduction fabrics because I love the rich tones with this pattern. I can't quite imagine it in the neon of the original pattern. Plus, I got to use some fat quarters that I got for free in shop hops, giveaways, or just didn't know what I was thinking when I bought them.

Weird blue ferny-thing looks okay as a cat.

If you care about matching directional prints, this is NOT the pattern for you. I normally care, but decided to throw caution to the wind on this one.

I used the same background fabric in several different projects, and to my horror, ran out with a half yard to go. And no one around here carried Dimples, which I thought was the most basic of basics! I ended up sending a scrap to the actual Dimples store, and they quickly matched it and sent it back to me. Excellent service!

I'm still not sure how I feel about the quilting. On the one hand, I watched a series of videos on swirls and I love the quilting in the background.

I knew I wanted to do more than an allover design with the cats, but I wasn't sure what. Because - ugh - the thought of changing colors so often, and all those threads to tie off...

After consulting with my long-arm rental place ladies, I decided on a spiky...thing in each cat. I don't love it, but I'm not changing it, so I'll learn to at least like it.

And it makes the back look weirdly impressive.

Wrapped it all up with a binding from the thrift store. It's more of a 50s reproduction, so the blues and reds are bit brighter than the cats, but I think it's a good frame.

Quilt Details
Fabric: various reproduction fabrics, Dimples beige
Backing: blue flannel
Binding: no selvage info
Size: 78x87"
Pattern: Kool Kats Kwilt {modified}


Weekly Progress - Not in Korea

I was supposed to be leaving for Korea this week. But, I'm not... So my sewing plans changed up a little.

Goodnight Monkey - I did finish the Little Man's quilt.

And I quilted Cat Tails and allllllll the table runners.

And then, since I now had another week, I thought about prepping something else to quilt. But, eh. I decided to spend this coming week on a couple of projects for my boys, and cleaning up the sewing room, rather than rushing through some backings.

So, in other sewing...

Bound one of the table runners to donate to my church's silent auction.

Weekly Churn Dash - I'm almost positive this one was in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Maybe. Gah, is purple over already??

But while I'm complaining, I also pulled out some of the good purples from Fractured Four Patch and made a couple more RSC'13 blocks. Sad that I don't have enough of any of these for churn dashes.

Spin Cycle - three blocks added. Four to go! {Oh hey - it's Bad Kitten!}

And then I realized I made it all the way to the last week of the month with no NewFO! Oh no! Hmm, what to pick, what to pick?


Weekly Progress - Still Moving Along

Still doing a pretty good job knocking things off the UFO/to-do list. It helps that I have so much stuff allllllllllllmost done, plus nervous energy to spare. 

And I know this is the home stretch - in less than a month, the Little Man should be home with us, and my sewing time will be severely limited. Since I've been waiting, oh, almost two years for this, I plan on enjoying the break.

Skorca! - and after promising it to the Dude for two years, it was a good finish to knock off the list!

{Oh, and there's a giveaway on that post. You might want to check it out.}


Chunky Log Cabin and Central Park Sudoku - Chunky just needed the borders, and CPS was pinned to my zippers, so it got ahead of Reverse Hearts. I do have binding for Chunky, but not CPS, so it'll still be a while before CPS becomes a finish.


Okay, it's not quite piecing, but I cut out the letters for the growth chart that went with the H is for Henry quilt panel. That meant the teal leftovers were finally free to...

...become a Weekly Churn Dash. Henry was my first ever long arm finish, so of course one of his teals would make it into the churn dashes.

I started a table runner based on my Hearts and Cabin, for a friend. One more heart and it's into the quilting box!

More Spin Cycle blocks, slowly moving along here. Really wish I could get a good shot, but we've got some rainy, dreary weather out here.

And I strip-pieced the main body of the Monkey quilt. It's supposed to be a "bed," with the white as a sheet and the blue dots as a pillow. I can't decide if the monkey applique is too small - it's only about 10" on a 44" quilt body. But the monkey will also have paws and a tail appliqued onto the "sheet," so... I don't know. It seems like a lot of white space for a kid's quilt!

And gratuitous kitten pic. What, were you USING this?