Loopy Ewe Quilt - Finished!

My last Christmas finish! And it was a super fast one. 

And I waited forever for some snow to photograph it against, but the Northwest refused to oblige. Until tomorrow, but the box is already on its way to my sister. Boo, weather. {But at least I'm done with all my shopping and shipping, and can enjoy the snow with sangria cookies at home.}


My sister spotted Lewe the Ewe at one of my LQS when she was here in early November. We did some Googling and found the holiday panel, and quickly figured how many borders would whip it into lap size.

Two 2" and one 8", in case you're wondering.

While the quilt itself is simple, the quilting is a little more detailed. I used a Quick Swipe and stencil to add a few holly and berries...

...and a couple little snowflakes amid the usual loops. It was good practice!

The back is more Lewe, in flannel. I was accused of being too OCD when I pointed out that the sheep are sideways. {But it's WRONG.}

And that's my first bias binding! Love that candy cane stripe.

Gratuitous kitten picture! CC valiantly defended the quilt against the evil hands and their minions, the pins.

...or so.

Giveaway Day!

Giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Lyn, who loves snicker doodles and has an adorable kitty, too. Good taste.

So... If you're new, welcome! If you're not, uh, welcome anyway!

Recently, I learned how to longarm quilt, and I thought I'd talk a little about the process. {Don't worry. There's a point to this.}
I rent time on a Gammill machine, using Superior Threads. They sell batting at an excellent price. It's nice, because not only am I clearing out a lot of UFOs - I also have access to a ton of thread and other things without having to keep them in my sewing room.

My first couple of quilts were done with pantographs. {H is for Henry, How Charming Girl, How Charming Twin Boys} Then I ventured cautiously into freehand. {Swoon, Gobble Gobble, Rainbow Boats, Squadron T-shirt}

And then, with Loopy Ewe, I knew I wanted to do something a little more detailed, but I also knew I wasn't to the point where I could freehand anything more than a star.

Enter, the Quick Swipe.

The longarm place has a ton of stencils. I found some holly and berries, swiped some chalk over it, and voila - a complicated-looking design scattered randomly across the quilt.

So, my giveaway is a Quick Swipe and chalk set.

To enter, leave a comment with your favorite Christmas cookie. I'm training for a half marathon, so I get to eat all the carbs I want this holiday season. Links to the recipe are encouraged.

Other important things:
I'll ship internationally.
Leave an email if you're no-reply. Or just don't be no-reply.
Giveaway ends 12/13 at 5 p.m. PST.

And in gratuitous kitten pictures, the longarm place sells zippers, so you can pin the backing at home and zip on immediately when you get there. This is actually very difficult in my house.

More giveaways at Sew Mama Sew!

Weekly Progress - Pile o' Finished Quilts

Before you get too used to all this production, my husband was out of town last week, and the Dude doesn't care if we have chicken quesadillas for dinner. Every night.

So, we start with a stack of bound quilts. Squadron T-shirt quilt has already been posted about, and then there's Loopy Ewe and the Nine Patch Snowball. Posts coming soon. Imagine that, I have to play catch up on finished posts!

And then I made the blocks for a baby shower gift, using this pattern and a stack of FQs that I won from Fabric Spot during the Finish-Along last quarter. And the baby shower isn't even until the end of January!

And then I bit the bullet and picked up some yardage to go with my Lovely blue for the Celtic Solstice mystery. I think the neutral is too bright, though.

These are my blocks so far, since I haven't cut into the neutral. Yes, I am doing the second step as HST instead. I calculated it out and there's less waste this way, even with the extra seam.

And in gratuitous kitten pictures, we put up the Christmas tree. It went about as well as you'd expect.

Today I'm prepping my quilting for this week - all the table runners, wall hangings, pillow covers, and potholders I can find, all slapped down on a big piece of muslin and batting scraps.

And then a day of doll dresses and I'll be done for December!


Weekly Progress - Finishes and Starts

Okay, since this is my third post in as many days, there's some repeating info here. Bear with me!

Oh, and my dear husband went off on a trip with the good camera, so this is alllllllll phone photos. Just like Instagram, except not!

Squadron T-Shirt Quilt - borders on, backing is prepped, quilting is Wednesday!

My first time making bias binding for Loopy Ewe, which was quilted last week. It's a little harder {I'm doing it the Bonnie Hunter way} but the angled stripe is so worth it!

And speaking of Bonnie Hunter, I'm still debating the new mystery quilt. I loved watching Skorca develop...but I had a terrible time with the bias edges from all those scraps and string blocks. The borders were a bear to put on, and the quilting has been a nightmare...I'm seriously considering pulling out all the stitching and starting again on the long arm.

So I thought, maybe a selection of fat quarters, but my FQs aren't very color coordinated. Or the ones that are, are 5-8 fat quarters total, not the 8+ needed for each color.

Or yardage, but I don't buy yardage in large amounts. One yard cuts I've got, but those are usually larger prints that don't do well being cut into teeny little squares.

So... I browsed Design Seeds for a color scheme. I kept coming back to the same colors - teal and coral. Only, I don't have any teal or coral.

But wait!

I have this. My very favorite Sandy Gervais print. {It's more lovely than the phone photo makes you think. Really. And see what I did there?}

And I have 2.5 yards - enough to back a baby quilt, but nothing else.

Doesn't it deserve it's very own quilt?

And I spy coral and yellow, just begging for some accent fabric.

And it is Cyber Monday and I've been doing a great job shopping for everyone else...


Monthly Goals - December

It's Christmas sewing crunch time! Woo! Deadlines!

I did pretty well on my November goal list - Rainbow Boats and the Gobble Gobble wall hanging were finished and mailed off. The Squadron T-Shirt is pieced to borders. 

St. Paul's Cross...uh...okay, so my friend said she's graduating in May, so...new goal!

For December, obviously Christmas stuff needs to be done ASAP.

1) Bind the Loopy Ewe - and for the first time ever, make bias binding.

2) Finish the Squadron T-Shirt Quilt - scheduled for quilting this week, so it should be out the door by the end of the week.

3) Doll dresses - I have four nieces. Enough said.

4) Road to OK/WA Quilt - I have really missed watching a quilt develop from piecing blocks. This is a gift for my son's Korean foster mother, so it's about time to get it started. {Yay!}