Cinderella - Quilting

I finished quilting Cinderella this afternoon, after pin-basting it twice. Do check and make sure you don't pin one side upside down.
This is the largest thing I've quilted - yeah, 60x75" is huge. :) At least, if you have to sit under the kitchen table to pin-baste, it's huge. 
I was worried about it because the two sides are very close in size.
I was right to worry. Oops. Luckily it was only that side, and I trimmed about a half inch off the other side, and it looks fairly even.

Only one prairie point flag was an issue, thank goodness. I need to put on the regular foot to get closer, but that's the only place I need to do clean-up.
I think the double lines (on the edges of the "scenes" on the other side) look pretty nice on the castle.
I have lots of leftover purple Fairy Frost, so that will be the binding. Because if there's one thing this quilt is lacking, it's purple. And Fairy Frost.

Cinderella - Front Finished

The borders are on and I'm declaring her done! After 18 months on the to-do pile.
My sister bought the original fabric, which I cut into scenes. My mother did the math to make everything square up...mostly. 
It's a whole lot of purple, and I wasn't sure the white border would work, but I think it does. Also, I didn't want to go buy another two yards of something else.
Now I just need to find a big enough space to baste it - it's bigger than my kitchen floor!

Cinderella Castle - Back Finished

I finished the back (front?) with borders this afternoon, but not in time to get pictures without shadows. Ah well. You'll have to wait until it's done for quality photos.

I decided to use the purple in the archway, even though it meant about twenty seams. There's a Cinderella in my scraps that might work, but it's already in the front (back?) so I'm not sure I want to repeat it.
The front (back?) needs borders...and, um, that last block. It was an embroidered glass slipper on the white from the back (front?) border, but it looked very not-purple. So I'm redoing it.
Brought both inside and dumped on the table for a minute. Ten seconds later...

Design Wall Monday - Week 1

The design wall is overflowing.
 Towers #1-4 and #7-9 are finished. I just have to figure out what's going in the archway. I ran out of the purple batik - actually, I ran out of that in the towers. I'm hoping the "almost close enough" new purple fades a bit in the wash. (I pre-washed the first purple, but not the second.)
So... Yet another purple batik? Something totally different? Searching through my Cinderella scraps for some scenery? Appliqueing Cindy herself?
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