WiP - Some {Shockingly}

  We've had a slightly busy two weeks, which has led to less sewing and more family time - which is certainly nothing to complain about!

My husband came home from deployment, so we went over to Glacier National Park. Gorgeous. I can't wait to come back when the buses can actually park here.

I did some quilt planning and shopping while we were away - buying a book on borders and trying to come up with a sashing plan for my churn dashes. I always use the same sashing and borders, so...I need to shake things up a little. Of course, avid pinning and graph paper sketches don't make the greatest pictures for blog posts.

So, you're left with what I'm actually working on - a t-shirt quilt all in rows...

...and my Sail Around the World. I spent weeks trying to get the layout/strip sets/seams straight, and finally I just turned to the good old computer. Shockingly {not really} this all goes together much faster when you're just following across the line.

And that's pretty much it. I bound a swap mini and worked on the borders for another one as a leader/ender project, but I'm trying to only keep the two main projects at the machine until they're done. Shockingly {not really} I'm finding it easier to work that way.

Oh, and today's color palette is the Dude's birthday cake that I had to special order from Dairy Queen, because chocolate in Oreos? Good. Chocolate crunchy stuff between layers? Good. Chocolate ice cream? POISON. But he managed to have his birthday on Free Cone Day, so who am I to complain about having to go pick it up?

WiP - Red, White, and Blue

  Well, it's been two weeks since my last WiP post. I'm trying to settle into a routine with running and sewing and single parenting - so the blog falls to the wayside in between all that.

So what have I been up to? Quite a bit!

I finished a t-shirt quilt!

And I finished the Something New top. I handed it off to the local Quilts of Valor coordinator {and got a lovely email praising my work.} They like to have three different people involved in each quilt stage - top, quilting, and binding - so I won't see it again until it's presented. {It's on my Finish-Along list, but I'm not sure how it counts - it's finished to me.}

Saturday was QOV's National Sew Day, so I got right to work on another top. This is based on a pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine - modified to use 2.5" strips and fit the QOV dimensions. I've got about ten more strip sets to finish off before I can assemble it.

I also made and handed off three more Disappearing Hourglass blocks, which our QOV chapter used to make tops on Sew Day. I say handed off, but I'm getting a kit back with sashing and borders on Wednesday, so my blocks might be coming back to me.

And just in case that's not enough red/white/blue, I worked on my scrappy Trip Around the World. I've been making strip sets for a while, and finally started putting it together during naptimes. I need the floor space to keep this one straight!

And I've been pattern testing... {Flower is my new favorite. Sorry, Taffy!}

...and making some churn dashes... {My momma made me a dress for eighth grade graduation with the morning glory fabric. Did that just date me back to the Laura Ashley era?}

...and learning how to sew curves for one of my mini-swaps. {Cutting curves was harder.}

Jennie's color palette theme for the week is Valentine's Day. My sweet husband and I are not celebrators. In fact, when he found out he was deploying, I said, "well, February is a good month to go, since there's nothing going on." It was a week before I remembered Valentine's.

We are firm celebrators of 50% Off Chocolate Day on February 15th, though! Okay, maybe that's just me. But look at those names! Cocoa, wine, spice, latte, melon....asparagus? Yum. To all of them, actually.

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WiP - Block Party

It feels like I'm just making block after block with no point, but most of them are coming closer to building a quilt. It's hard to remember that when you haven't had a good finish in a while, though.

Over the past week, I made three churn dashes, from my stripe scrap bin. There's more variety in there, but I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, so I'll pick through my dots bin for #4-8. And then they are done! Or at least, ready to assemble.

I also made three Disappearing Hourglasses for my local Quilts of Valor chapter. They are assembling quilts made from these at the annual Sew-In.

I have three more cut out, as I was also cutting pieces for a Trip Around the World - the traditional, but scrappy, way...which is a pain to keep straight!

I also cut/made several block units for Something New. Which, as a leader/ender, is very slow growing, but the final blocks are big, so I'm almost to...something!

And I made four nine-patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015. I'm making Jack's Chain, and I'm actually pretty excited about it. It's on my personal bucket list, and I found a pattern with no Y-seams. The confetti background fabric is new, but the white and the colors in the nine-patches are from stash and scraps. I'm trying to use different scraps than the churn dashes. It's slightly easier this time around, since the pieces are all the same size. Two are even old charms!

And of course, all this was done in between cutting/piecing together the rows of a t-shirt quilt.

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Weekly Progress - Welcome 2013!

Yay, a new year! And it's going to be a GOOD one! Busy as all heck, but busy with good things. Unlike last year, I should not get a phone call saying, "I'm deploying." Okay, at least not in January.

In no particular order of importance:
My husband is coming home! {REALLY SOON!}
My son is coming home! {Currently, late summer.}
We're moving! {Will find out where around March, move in June.}
I'm running four half marathons in 83 days! {Yes, I'm clearly insane.}
My sister is getting married! {And I'm the best Maid of Honor in the universe.}
I don't make resolutions, but some of the events previously mentioned will force good habits. There will be a major declutter/organization as we prepare to sell our house, which will hopefully carry over into the next house.

Plus, when you're following a FULL MARATHON training program {eek!} you really have no choice but to lose weight/stay in shape. The leader of our local running club decided that I should be on the full program for OKC until after half #2. My goal is 2:15 by half #4.

And spending more time with family? Yep, a wedding will do that.

Anyway, there was some sewing this week, even though the Dude was still out of school. It helps that he would allow me sewing time as long as I was working on this:

Creeper pillow, from Minecraft. Don't ask me - I do NOT get this new obsession. He's been micro-managing every step - picked the fabric, the thread, the quilting, and made sure I was aware that a pillow cover needs a hole in the back. Mmmkay, kid.

{UFO} Quilted five lines of Fall-gyle per day. Not a fast finish, but also not frustratingly boring.

Finish one block of my Saturday Sampler.

Added it to my newly re-arranged design wall! I think it's going to end up with ten blocks on each diagonal, and the other sixteen on point on the axes. That leaves the center open for...something. And all the open space will be black.

A sneak peek at my Cat Tails. Full post on Friday - I'm doing a Kats with Kate thing with Kate from Life in Pieces. Just because we can.

I am not really on the Trip Around the World bandwagon. But I have been cutting scraps and dumping them in a certain arrangement... Traditional, though. And not, unfortunately, strip-pieced. The scraps will end up more mixed once I start sewing.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} I've been good and done fifteen minutes of organization every day. My flat surfaces are clean, and I'm starting to tackle the scraps this week. All of my color bins are overflowing and I have a box of new ones to sort!

Kate is talking about schedules this month. I know I thrive on a schedule, so I'm interested in seeing what she has to say!

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