BOMs Away - Veggie Patch Peas in a Pod

Okay, nobody panic - but this month, we’re adding a new “skill” to the Veggie Patch! And using up even tinier bits of scraps! Are you ready for this?

Peas in a Pod - a Veggie Patch Block by Katie Mae Quilts

(Photo by Lori Barbely /

The Peas in a Pod block uses snowball blocks in addition to the usual half square triangles and scrappy squares. Don’t worry - they’re tiny and easy! The biggest thing to remember is contrast - the dark green scraps should be much darker than the light green scraps to make the peas pop out of the pod. Or in the pod. You know what I mean.

Get the printer-friendly instructions here! The block will be free for a month until the next one posts - but don’t be too upset if you miss one. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Hopatong Community Garden, so you’ll be helping a great cause run by one of my good friends.

I’m using a variety of Kona browns for the background fabric this time. I also use the Quilt in a Day triangle ruler to trim my half square triangles.

If you’re joining me in these blocks, please use #veggiepatchquilt on Instagram or comment here so I can find your blog!

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BOMs Away - QOV June & not July

Well, this is a bit of a kerfuffle! Lyn was traveling last month, so we didn't have a June QOV round-up, and now I'm traveling this month. (Because Science is on its third trip to Space Camp.) So July’s quilts are a late addition to this post, due to a laptop malfunction on the road.

June wasn't a busy month for Quilts of Valor, until it was. And that's even with planning ahead! I knew early in June that I would be giving away three quilts at our town’s “spirit festival” at the end of the month, so I've been quilting one a week to be ready. But then I got a request that was urgent, so I reappropriated one of the nearly finished ones.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

That's this one! Pieced by one of my guild ladies, quilted and bound by me. The gentleman is wheelchair bound, so the smaller size makes it easier for him take along with him. So that worked out!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

I presented three quilts at my town’s Spirit Festival the last weekend in June - two by my friend’s mother, one was my Friendship Chain quilt.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

Second by my friend’s mother.

Friendship Chain by Katie Mae Quilts

Several of the Friendship Chain blocks were made during the local Sew Day, so it’s awesome to be able to present it to a local veteran.

Quilts of Valor Panel by Katie Mae Quilts

Then I got a request to present at a fiftieth wedding anniversary party on July 4th. Of course! They asked for an eagle panel, which I had started, so I finished that up and got that presented.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

And then there’s the almost-local quilt shop’s block of the month. These are…well, they’re scrappy. That’s about all I can say. I already got my coupon and bought a panel for QOVF with it, so they serve their purpose. I’m not even going to worry about a setting for them until they’re done.

And so… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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Christmas Charm Dash - a Finished Quilt

And the last one for Christmas in July! This is my Charm Dash pattern, which on a whim while writing, I thought it might look good with two colored churn dashes. Which meant I had to run to my local quilt shop and hope they had an acceptable selection of charm packs!

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I didn’t set out to get Christmas ones, but the Vintage Holiday ones said Christmas would be a good theme. So I agreed and pulled some matching Grunge to go with them.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

The pattern went together in a jiffy (it’s nice like that!) and before I knew it, I had two Charm Dashes! And no time to quilt it before mailing it to Lori for its cover shoot. Oops. I sent it anyway and put it on the corner of the cover. Did you notice it wasn’t a finished quilt?

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

After that, I never got around to finishing it until this mini-Christmas-in-July thing I’m doing. That’s a good enough reason, though, so it went on the frame. Finally!

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I used backing that I bought with my friend and neighbor, Jess, at a Spokane Quilt Show several years ago. It was a good price and she convinced me that Christmas flannel was always worth keeping on hand. And eventually, she was right! I also quilted Monday’s table runner while the backing was on the frame.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I used a variegated pink thread to quilt it with double loops, and you totally…can’t tell that the color changes. Plus the thread kept breaking - it was one of the spools I got with my machine, and it clearly does not agree with the machine. I had to do a lot of weird stitching to keep from hitting seams, which caused the snapping. I’m planning on getting rid of the thread - and the couple other spools I got with it - because I know which brand works (Omni by Signature) and I don’t want to fiddle around trying to make this thread semi-work just because it was free.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

And there you have it - two Christmas quilts and a table runner! A nice little collection that’s actually ready for the holiday. Although I also bought a couple of Christmas layer cakes while I was in getting binding, for a scrappy class I’m taking in September, so the cycle of unfinished Christmas projects will likely continue.

Fabric: Bonnie and Camille Vintage Holiday / Moda Grunge Pink / White / Green

Backing: Riley Blake Doodlebug / Binding: B&C Little Snippets

Pattern: Charm Dash by ME!


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BOMs Away - Christmas in July

Is it bad that one of the reasons I’m doing Christmas in July is to pretend that it’s not so darn hot out here? It’s not as bad as last year, but it’s still SO.FREAKING.HOT. Let’s look at Santa and some snowflakes instead…

Blog Hop July 22 - Aug 2, 2019.png
Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

I actually almost didn’t even make this in Christmas colors. It’s a good old trusty Ohio Star (one of my favorites!) and it would have looked perfectly awesome in red, white, and blue, with a hint of gold. But then Sarah reminded me about her Christmas in July blog hop, and I remembered that I have several Christmas tops that really ought to be quilted, and I decided to go all in on Christmas in July.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

Aww, Santa is so awesome! I almost didn’t use this - I didn’t have enough to do both the centers and the corners/borders, like the pattern called for. But then I decided Santa was just too good to pass up, so I did the corners in a similar aqua blue. So the spirit of the pattern is there!

And the pattern! Totally well written. She makes the flying geese my favorite way (no wasteful stitch and flip!) and there’s block piece sizes along the way - I hate it when the pattern just says it’s a 6” block without breaking down that the flying geese are 2.5”x3.5” unfinished. Or whatever that proper size would be. I like to make sure everything is trimmed and good to go before putting the block together.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

The book overall is the same way - loads of clear instructions, good pictures - and bonus for me, a lot of nice general patterns that use Christmas fabric or applique to make them Christmas. That means you can just make the Friendship Star quilt in any color if you just want a Friendship Star quilt. (But the applique is very complimentary to the designs, so definitely do those, too!) And there’s a nice variety of project sizes - table runners and bed runners, up to full size quilts.

It was pretty hard to get pictures, because my kitchen is not…photogenic. (It’s summer and my kids are home and I swear every time I wipe the table, there’s a new cherry stain.) I made my runner one block shorter than the book since my table is pretty small, but it’s still overwhelming. Oh well - that just means I’ll have to steal my mother-in-law’s table sooner rather than later. (But not the white fabric chairs. The cherry stains, people!) I suppose I could have left off the aqua outer border, but I love how it frames the whole thing. So I didn’t.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

The deets! Santas are Michael Miller, aqua chevrons are Riley Blake, binding is the rest of the Tasha Noel from Friday’s finish. (And I do mean every bit of the leftovers. I have about 1” left!) Backing is Doodlebug Designs from 2011 (no, I don’t want to talk about my backing stash) and I very efficiently quilted it at the same time as this upcoming Friday’s finish. Everything else came from my Christmas scrap bin.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

Oh, and the quilting! Again, tough to get a good picture, but I was inspired by a picture on Instagram. I did the straight line quilting with the horizontal lock on my longarm. (Yes it took forever. No I couldn’t have aligned it to stitch vertical, I had limited backing fabric left.) Then I switched to my regular machine and added in the waves. The original design was a wave, but I inverted and made mine more like parabolas. (Or not, I googled and that's not what they are. Lava lamps. They're lava lamps, okay?)

Anyway…! If you’ve made it this far and you’re just here for the BOMs Away link - sorry. It’s right here. And if you’re new here, we have a pretty loose definition of “block of the month”, so… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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And the blog hop deets! First up, the Christmas in July book blog hop. (Keep scrolling to Sarah’s, though, there’s a giveaway.)

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See, I told you I’d make it worth it if you made it to the end! Confession of a Fabric Addict’s Christmas in July blog hop! You can enter her giveaway here - once a day, every day for the whole blog hop!

Christmas Double Four Patch - a Finished Quilt

159 days until Christmas! Who’s ready? Maybe me, for once! I mean, I made the quilt top two years ago and only just now got around to quilting it, but that’s not the point. THIS CHRISTMAS, I’ll be ready.

Of course, I also just bought a couple Christmas layer cakes for a scrap quilt class in September, so there’s a good chance that one won’t be done for Christmas, but let’s just focus on this quilt, okay?

Christmas Double Four Patch Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

This quilt! It was made so I could do a tutorial on the “wavy nine patch border” during Sarah’s blog hop two years ago. (She’s doing it again, there’s a giveaway, make sure you check out her blog! I’ll be posting my project for this year on Monday. It’s a table runner so it will actually be finished!)

I found the Double Four Patch design somewhere - probably Pinterest - and thought it would be a good complement to the border.

Christmas Double Four Patch Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

I can’t remember if getting the layout with the aqua and red chains was a pain in the butt. Probably - especially with the directional prints. And the design within the block really only works with small scale prints. The big ones, like the white on the middle left, were too big to have much of an effect.

The quilting is double loops to go with the double four patch. Get it? Okay, maybe not. But I was bored and wanted to do something a little different.

Christmas Double Four Patch Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The backing is…a flannel sheet from Target! Yes, really. My oldest doesn’t sleep with a top sheet, so I buy the set, give him the fitted sheet and pillowcases, and use the top sheet for quilt backings. He’s in a queen bed, so that makes backings that are plenty wide enough. And Target always has awesome winter designs on clearance in January. These penguins fit right in with the bright colors of the quilt.

Christmas Double Four Patch Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Most of the front fabric is by Amanda Murphy. This line is, of course, out of print by now, but her newest Christmas line uses the same cheerful colors. The binding is Pixie Noel by Tasha Noel. It’s perfect and I picked it out two years ago and actually tucked it into the pile with the top and backing so I wouldn’t use it elsewhere before then!

Christmas Double Four Patch Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts