Hi! As some of you know, I recently moved to a small town in Oklahoma. This will bring several changes to Katie Mae Quilts.

I’m buying my own longarm (the machine that does the fun stitching to bring the top and back together.) Which – good news – I’ll no longer be limited to school hours at the rental place! (Also good news – I won’t have to change out of PJs. Like, ever.) Which – more moderate news – it’s a pretty big investment, so I’m busy taking the steps to protect it. Business licenses, insurance – all that boring adult paperwork. So that’s taking a bit of time, and I will be taking orders for 2018 starting on Black Friday. I'll be posting more information on my Facebook page.

In 2018, I will be switching to a first come, first served method of quilt orders. This way I’m not waiting until the next month to start a new quilt if I finish that month’s quilt by the 10th – hopefully it will allow me to move through orders faster and get more of you covered in awesome quilts! I will still be doing the $50 deposit, and limiting it to four open orders at a time until I have the system worked out.

I will be getting my tax exempt certificate, which means nothing to anyone but my Oklahoma customers. Oklahoma customers, your tax will be INCLUDED in the price of the quilt. (I’m legally required to notify you of this. So now you know.)

I will be offering longarm quilting services as well! Prices on that will be up on the website…soon.


Puzzle T-Shirt Quilts

Sizes are approximate and will vary according to the actual shirts!

1-16 shirts - 55x55” - $225 {small lap size}

16-19 shirts - 55x70” - $250 {lap size}

20-24 shirts - 70x70” - $275 {large lap size}

25-30 shirts - 70x84” - $300 {twin size}

30-34 shirts - 84x84” - $325 {queen size}

Add your Half Fanatics or Marathon Maniacs number for only $10 per block; add a border for $25!


Gridded T-Shirt Quilts

3x4 - 12 shirts - 53x70” - $250 {lap size}

4x4 - 16 shirts - 70x70” - $275 {large lap size}

4x5 - 20 shirts - 70x87” - $300 {twin size}

5x5 - 25 shirts - 87x87” - $325 {queen size}

Four smaller logos can be combined to form one block. Have 15 shirts and want a 16-shirt grid? No problem! I can add a pieced block of your choosing {your name, a star, your Half Fanatic or Marathon Maniacs number} for $10 per block. Add a border for $25.