In 2018, I will be switching to a first come, first served method of quilt orders. This way I’m not waiting until the next month to start a new quilt if I finish that month’s quilt by the 10th – hopefully it will allow me to move through orders faster and get more of you covered in awesome quilts! I will still be doing the $50 deposit, and limiting it to four open orders at a time until I have the system worked out. Orders should take 4-8 weeks to complete, once the shirts are received. Deposits may be placed through my shop

I will be offering longarm quilting services as well! Prices on that will be up on the website…soon.


Puzzle T-Shirt Quilts

Sizes are approximate and will vary according to the actual shirts!

1-16 shirts - 55x55” - $225 {small lap size}

16-19 shirts - 55x70” - $250 {lap size}

20-24 shirts - 70x70” - $275 {large lap size}

25-30 shirts - 70x84” - $300 {twin size}

30-34 shirts - 84x84” - $325 {queen size}

Add your Half Fanatics or Marathon Maniacs number for only $10 per block; add a border for $25!


Gridded T-Shirt Quilts

3x4 - 12 shirts - 53x70” - $250 {lap size}

4x4 - 16 shirts - 70x70” - $275 {large lap size}

4x5 - 20 shirts - 70x87” - $300 {twin size}

5x5 - 25 shirts - 87x87” - $325 {queen size}

Four smaller logos can be combined to form one block. Have 15 shirts and want a 16-shirt grid? No problem! I can add a pieced block of your choosing {your name, a star, your Half Fanatic or Marathon Maniacs number} for $10 per block. Add a border for $25.